Kirsten Winkler Joins OpenLanguage As Content Lead

What a great way to start the new year with a new exciting challenge. Jenny Zhu asked me to write a short introduction and explain what we are up to with the OpenLanguage company blog and social media activities in 2013.

Let’s start with the backstory. As you might know, I have been covering the education 2.0 space and the online language learning space in particular since early 2009 across a variety of different outlets including my own blogs and EDUKWEST as well as my collumns on Big Think and edcetera.

Over two years ago I had the pleasure to interview Hank Horkoff for my series on EDUKWEST and I was very impressed by the product and brand he and his team had built over the years. And even today this interview is the second most popular post on EDUKWEST of all time which tells a lot, I’d say.

So when Hank asked me back in March 2011 if I were interested to join a new startup he and Jenny were building as advisor I had not to think twice. Taking the massive success of ChinesePod and converting it into a modern platform that enables anyone to create mobile language learning experiences is a very exciting premise.

Now that the product has shown early signs of success, both from the customer as well as the content publisher side, we want to kick into the next gear with “The Hum of Language Acquisition”.

Over the past weeks Jenny and I have worked on a content framework we believe our audience is going to enjoy. The overarching idea is to share related content for people who want to stay on top of the changing global workplace. Therefore, you will of course find stories and news around language learning, scientific research in this field but also stories and interviews around globalization and how a shrinking world affects the way we communicate and do business with each other.

There will be original content written or recorded by Jenny and me as well as short comments on current events together with a tied in social media effort where we are going to share the latest findings via Twitter and our Facebook page – so make sure to subscribe and like us there as well.

Think of “The Hum of Language Acquisition” as your personal news curator that finds the most interesting and relevant stories for you to support your language learning journey. We hope that our blog will become one of your favorite sources over the year and are of course happy about any suggestion you might have. Just write to Jenny at or me at

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