ELJ European Language Jobs Board – English Is Not Enough

That languages play an important part in the job seeking and recruitment process shows in the recent launch of the European Language Jobs (ESJ) website. ESJ is a job board that focuses on language recruitment in currently over 23 languages.

The navigation lets you browse either by selecting language and location or by category, the field you’re looking to work in. The geographic definition is set rather wide, i.e. you’ll find Turkey on the list. It makes sense though as Turkey along with some other ‘new’ countries is on the rise and offers job prospects what some of the core European countries may currently not be able to deliver as many are at a difficult point.

Job categories on ESJ include all major fields including finance, IT, marketing, science and others. Registration for both applicants and companies is free. Job seekers can upload their CV, apply for jobs anywhere in Europe and get in touch with recruitment agencies. Employers on the other hand can post multiple job positions in different locations across Europe, browse applicants’ profiles and create a company profile.

What I like it the focus on multi-language recruitment. Having browsed some of the categories and read the job descriptions it is quite apparent that candidates in Europe don’t qualify for many of the jobs advertised with only English as a foreign language. A good level of English has almost become a commodity. Today, candidates qualify over their second, third or fourth foreign language. Also notable is that the job descriptions require candidates to have a high, excellent or native level in at least two or three languages.

To sum this up, language skills can be used as a qualifying element, but only if these language are spoken at a level that allows you to perform at work. However, learning languages is too inconvenient for most adults and much of the non-English content isn’t designed to help adults learn the practical language that they need.

That’s what we at OpenLanguage is dedicated to do. We’ve gone through the same kind of struggles and we really do believe that with a bit of technology and modern teaching approach combined, language learning can be made a lot more efficient and effective. We’ve partnered up with 6 different publishers who share the same vision to offer you courses from English to Arabic! You will always be learning real life language designed for busy professional adults and be able to learn on your smartphone or tablet at your own pace. Check out the complimentary courses from our publishers in the OpenLanguage Store or download the OpenLanguage iOS and Android apps for free.

Our goal is to help you learn the most practical language in the most convenient and personalized way and have more fun in the process!

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