Top 5- Language Learning Blogs for Students

This post is going to kick off our Top 5 series, showcasing the best of various language learning tools.  Today we’re going to have a look at general language learning blogs. These blogs should be suitable for the polyglots out there as well as those of you that are simply trying to master one language.  Several of these blogs are written by guys that have dedicated their lives to learning multiple languages, and have plenty of insight to share. So without further ado, here are the top 5 blogs for learning a foreign language.

Fluent in 3 Months


If you have ever studied a language and looked online for guidance, you’ve undoubtedly run across Benny Lewis and his  Fluent in 3 Months website.  Benny calls himself the “Irish Polyglot” and has earned this title by learning to fluently speak multiple languages and sharing his tips and adventures along the way. The site is full of language hacks and resources for learners of any language.

AJATT- All Japanese, All the Time


Clearly this site is dedicated to Japanese, but the principles can be carried across to learn any language.  The author, known as Khatzumoto, preaches the importance of immersing yourself in a language and having fun with it.  Even though I don’t have the discipline to surround myself in a foreign language 24 hours a day, the way the author does, there is still plenty of insight to be gained from his methods.

The Polyglot Dream

blogpic polyglot

The Polyglot dream is another popular language learning blog, written by an Italian named Luca, who has been learning languages for the last 20 years. Luca explains the acquisition of language in his blog, and reiterates what nearly all of these polyglots are telling us- learning a language in the traditional classroom setting is not effective! Check out his blog for many of his tips and techniques, and look out for his upcoming book this year on his methodology- the Luca Method.

The Mezzofanti Guild

blogpic mezzoguild

The Mezzofanti Guild is written by a guy named Donovan, a graduate of Applied Linguistics. His mission is to pursue his passion for languages and share all that he learns in this blog.  Along with his own stories and experiences, his site attempts to bring together a community of language learners, with a forum for sharing language learnings tips and techniques.

Everyday Language Learner


The Everyday Language Learner posts weekly tips to help you start learning a foreign language.  Their free email course, The Ten Week Journey, gives you 10 weeks of language coaching and resources to put you well on your way to speaking your target language.

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    Cool, I didn’t know about two of these, surprisingly!

    I have a language learning blog called Free Language. It is not personal, in other words, the website doesn’t center around me as a personality, but I and a few friends publish and lot of content.

    Free Language is very useful for finding language learning resources and learning how to learn languages better.

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