OpenLanguage’s Weekly Report!

Hello, dear Language Learners!

This week we had some pretty cool new lessons here at OpenLanguage!

One of the lessons Arabic Anywhere published this week was a very useful one where one of the characters, Sam, haggles with the landlord over the rent. It is very difficult to deal with landlords sometimes, specially if it is in a foreign country and using a language that’s not your

In OpenLanguage Spanish, we learned the proper Spanish words to deal with immigration and customs. There are 2 ways of addressing someone in Spanish, “tú” and “usted”. The first one is mostly used with people you know, friends, family. The second one is the formal way of the Spanish language. Most English native speakers have a big problem making a difference between these 2 words, so check out this week’s lesson for a more detailed explanation!

Our OpenLanguage English team went traveling this week and showed us how to check-in at the airport. Wether it’s for business or pleasure, every time we travel we must be on time to avoid losing our flights or paying penalties for being late. In this lesson we hear a dialogue that takes place at the airline counter in the airport. Enjoy.

With OpenLanguage French, we learned about raining season in France! Some people say that rain is annoying, but others are big fans of rainy days. So check out this lesson to learn how to say “rain” in French, plus some other idiomatic expressions that will come in handy during your next trip to France!

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Happy Studies!

-The OpenLanguage Team! 

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