Teacher Tips- How to Provide Constructive Feedback for your Students

Depending on your teaching situation and the number of students you have, sometimes it can be tough to know how to provide feedback for all of your students. How do you know when to correct your student and when to let things go? Correcting too much in the moment may cause your students to stop speaking, and not enough correction will lead your student down a path of bad speaking habits.

Keep a Notebook

A general rule is to keep a notebook to jot down mistakes that are made often so that you can give your students a chance to learn without singling out their mistakes, constantly interrupting with corrections, and scaring them from speaking out again. Most students will need plenty of encouragement to speak out in class and less interruptions from the teacher. Let your students speak out, jot down the mistakes that are being made in your notebook, and make those teaching points targeted to the class so that your student can learn without feeling criticized.

Record your Students

Recording your students or asking them to record themselves also provides a great way for you to hear your students individually and provide personal feedback to each one. OpenLanguage has made this simple with the ‘Task’ feature. The Task asks students to answer questions or speak about a topic covered in the lesson, and they can record themselves and upload the Task on their mobile device so that the teacher can send feedback. The Task gives the opportunity for the student to speak and receive feedback for every lesson so that the teacher and student together may uncover weaknesses and make improvements in areas that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Try out the Task feature with your students and start giving more personalized feedback.


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