Teacher Tips- 3 Keys to a More Engaging Class

One of the hardest things for teachers is struggling to grab the attention of your students and keep them interested.  Having disinterested students in a larger classroom also usually leads to behavior problems that can distract the entire class, so having an engaging class is incredibly important. Fortunately, teaching an interesting language class doesn’t have to be difficult.  Follow these 3 keys below and you’ll have your students eager to learn a new language.

Real World Application

Students want to learn things relevant to their daily life.  If you are teaching material that doesn’t relate to your students, they aren’t going to be interested!  Choose content for your students that matches their interests.  Unfortunately, most textbooks are incredibly boring, so consider supplementing with vocabulary or lessons that your students are interested in.  Music, movies, and other forms of entertaining media are great ways to get your students interested in the content.

The Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas


Learning the culture is one of the most fun ways to learn a language and also one of the best ways to get your students interested in the language.  Think about the food, music, dance, sports, and celebrations of the countries that speak the language you are teaching.  Creating lessons based around these ideas are fun for the students and can help them grow a stronger attachment to the language.

 No More Lectures!

Lectures are the absolute worst way to teach a foreign language class.  Here in China, it isn’t uncommon to see Chinese English teachers deliver lectures in Chinese to explain words, phrases, and grammar of the English language.  This may lead to students having an understanding of the structure of the language, but the student will almost certainly be left struggling to speak with native English speakers. At OpenLanguage, our belief is that the most effective way to learn a language is by listening to and studying your lesson at home and then practicing what you’ve learned with a teacher.

Teaching with OpenLanguage makes it easy to teach an engaging class by adhering to these 3 keys with up to date and relevant content, weekly culture shows, and practice exercises to get your students speaking throughout the class.  Check out our Teacher page here for more information.

3 thoughts on “Teacher Tips- 3 Keys to a More Engaging Class


    I fully agree when you said that most of textbooks are boring. I would add that that those books do not teach ! They make the student obliged to fulfil gaps in sentences that have nothing with their lives, culture or interest. I myself created material, not books, to use during my TRAINING ENGLISH CLASSES, one-to-one for adults, getting excelent results in learning and speaking, never bothering my Practicioners with theory and “homework”. At home they are supposed to review the last class-sheet sections that I had explained and give me ORALLY short speeches or “debates” using the new vocabulary with accuracy in grammar and pronunciation. It is sure it give me much more trouble to prepare each cllass , but it has been succeeding very well for the last 23 years time.

  2. beth amaral

    In a technology world students do NOT want to hear teacher talk! Good teaching makes students owners of their learning..Great tips in this article…Biggest variable to a good lesson is planning, planning, planning!! You can never be too prepared!


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