Teacher Tips- How to Teach an Effective Online Class

The internet now makes it easy for teachers to reach students across the globe. There are many ways to become a private teacher over the internet, using services such as Skype or even specialized language learning social networks and  teaching platforms to reach your students.  So how do you run an effective online class over the internet?

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Have the Students Prepare Before Class

Teaching online shouldn’t be much different than teaching a normal class.  You should be well prepared with lesson content for the student to review ahead of time so that class time can be focused on speaking.  If you are using our OpenLanguage materials, the student may listen to the lesson, practice repeating the words and dialogue, complete exercises, and show up to class ready to practice what was learned.

Plenty of Speaking Practice

Online classes make this easy since the class will most likely be one-to-one or very small.  Class time should be treated as time that the student gets to speak and listen as much as possible and receive constructive feedback.  I think most of us language learners have probably sat through classes where you only get to say a couple of words throughout the entire class.  This just isn’t effective and the students don’t have the chance to develop the confidence necessary to go out and speak with people on their own.

Assign Tasks

Task based learning asks students to use language to achieve an outcome. Class time should be based around preparing this and equipping your students with the skills necessary to complete this task.  When using OpenLanguage, there is a ‘Task’ section in each lesson that will provide the opportunity for your students to use what they’ve learned and record an audio or video task.  These tasks can be sent to you as the teacher or to a community of language learners to provide feedback.  These tasks are a fun way for students to share what they’ve learned and help master the material.

Set Objectives

Most people view online classes as an informal practice session.  If you want your students to see results, there should be clear goals and objectives.  Maybe your student just wants to visit a foreign country and be able to get around, maybe they have business goals, or maybe they have to study for a specific test.  The goal of the teacher should be to figure out the student’s objective, create a plan and have targets to help the student along the way.

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