5 tips for how to stay motivated when learning a new language

Motivation can be the hard part of learning any language. In this busy world it’s hard to keep a consistent level of excitement in learning a new language. Certain parts of every language can be a stumbling block, and even as we get better our goal of conversational or fluent ability can seem further and further away. But with dedication, and help from these 5 tips you should be able to maintain that motivation and power through any obstacles.

1) Pick a language for the right reason: genuine interest. If you’re not interested in the language you’re learning it will be hard to stay motivated. But if you have a good reason for learning, and you want to see it through, anyone can learn a new language.

2)  Find something to strive for. If you have a clear goal in mind, and a reason for learning, it can make everything simpler. Do you want to be able to speak to your girlfriend’s parents in her native tongue? Or maybe you want to be able to read a book, or watch movies in their original language. It could even be just to impress your friends or parents, but whatever the reason, hold it clear in your mind every time you plan to study and you will be able to find that illusive motivation you’re looking for.

3)  Travel to the country where they speak the language you’re studying. This is a great reason to travel. If you’re studying a foreign language, one of the best ways to learn is to immerse yourself in the language and culture. The best way to do that is to be in an environment where everyone is a native speaker. Not only that, but being able to get around and travel in a foreign language is exhilarating and can open doors that you might never have opened speaking English.

4) Fight off the urge to procrastinate. If you have trouble studying for longer periods, break your sessions into 10 or 15 minute blocks. This can help you by creating smaller, manageable goals. You can also set deadlines for yourself, or use language studying to procrastinate from doing another task :)

5) Create a study log. Keeping track of when and what you’re studying will help you understand when you are most productive. You can also record audio of yourself speaking the language and then you will be able to hear just how much progress you’ve made.

One thought on “5 tips for how to stay motivated when learning a new language

  1. rasha

    what shall i do if i don”t find some one who talks with me?
    Also i can”t find the environment to practice or travel
    my problem is i can”t practice with foreigners !!!
    i have been studying ENGLISH language for tow years !!


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