OpenLanguage: a option for home-schoolers

At OpenLanguage we are committed to facilitating language learning in every form it might take. While many of our students pursue learning a language in their free time, we have teachers and students using OpenLanguage in both tradition schools and home-schooling environments. With the popularity of home-schooling growing, especially in the United States in recent years, we at OpenLanguage see this as a particularly important moment to provide innovative resources for teachers and parents to use with their young-ones .

So, in order to help facilitate home-schoolers we’d like to introduce our ‘Friends and Family’ subscription plan, and extend our academic rates to all parents using the service for home-schooling their children—just $50 per student per month!

Using our Friends and Family plan, as well as the Open Academy, parents and teachers will be able to join students in their language study process as well monitor their children’s progress. This is a decided advantage over the traditional classroom where the teacher spends a majority of the time inputting the information and trying to discover individual difficulties. This is what we term the ‘Flipped Classroom’ model. In the Flipped Classroom model, all the ‘inputting’ is done before the class and teachers can use their time most effectively to help students through their difficulties as well as practice newly learned concepts. By embracing this new model of learning and teaching we believe OpenLanguage can greatly improve the pace of language learning, whether you’re a casual learner, in a traditional school, or home-schooling.

The Flipped Classroom focuses on giving students the tools they need to expose themselves to language lessons before they make it to the classroom, thus giving the teacher the ability to help students practice the newly learned information and provide corrective feedback, instead of wasting valuable time talking at students! With our OpenLanguage lessons, not only do they receive the lesson audio, guided by two of our bilingual hosts, but they also have the opportunity to use our review tools to solidify their grasp of the vocabulary and grammar, in addition to expansion sentences building on the lesson dialogue.

Finally, before ever making it to the class the students will then complete exercises designed to gauge their comprehension of the lesson. The teacher or parent can review this prior to class, giving them a powerful understanding of each student’s strengths and weaknesses. With this new approach OpenLanguage believes students and teachers will be more likely to see rapid improvement in language acquisition by facilitating the input portion of the learning process thereby increasing the value of class-time.

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