New OpenLanguage Design

At OpenLanguage we believe the more time you can spend connected to your studies, the more likely you will achieve your learning goals. Increasingly, a large number of our students are using 3 different devices (tablet, phone & computer) during the day to study. According to a 2013 comScore report, device usage varies heavily throughout the day. Smart phones are most popular in the morning, computers during the day and tablets at night.


To help ensure our students have a consistent study experience with web browsers on their tablets, phones & computers, as well as with our iOS and Android apps, we are implementing ‘responsive web design’ on the website and working towards a consistent design interface within the apps.

New Study Menu

The biggest change students will notice is with regards to the revised study menu.


Of note:

  • the Library of courses and lessons has been moved to a more prominent position
  • the previous ‘Courses’ and ‘Self-Study’ sections have been renamed ‘My Courses’ and ‘Saved Lessons’ to improve clarity

Additionally, many of the administration pages have been moved to a revised Account section.


This update is a work-in-progress so please let us know your comments and suggestions.


One thought on “New OpenLanguage Design

  1. Atul

    on android app the screen space is not used wisely. On there screen where you can play/pause audio- all the information on the screen is useless while studying (from student perspective). It displays openldanguage logo, title etc. Ideally while studying I would prefer to see the dialogue, in this screen and way to go to next/prev lesson. In current design to see dialogue one has to go back to previous screen and if I have to pause audio or two rewind it back, I have to do to and fro between dialogue and play screen.


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