New Feature – Progress Page


OpenLanguage lessons are engaging and accessible and effectively teach you real language that you can immediately use in the real world. But with so many thousands of lessons, how do you keep track of what you’ve studied, how well you’ve learned those lessons, and what level your skills have progressed to?

The new OpenLanguage progress feature has been created to help you keep track of all of these things. With easy-to-read info-graphics, this new feature will bring greater structure and coherence to your learning plan, whether you’ve been studying with OpenLanguage for two hours or two years.

Placement Test

We’ve created placement tests for all of our languages to allow you to accurately gauge just what level your skills are at from the get-go. Your score will guide you into what level lessons to study and serve as a benchmark as your studies progress.

Daily Activity

With your ability level established via the placement test, you can get straight into studying. And as you learn with our fantastic lessons and “mark them as studied”, the progress page will keep track of it all in an easy-to-read infographic. This way, you will be able to quickly and easily keep track of just how many lessons you’ve studied.

Progress Test

Deciding when to move on to a higher level of lessons is better not left to guesswork – by taking our new progress tests, you will know exactly when it will be appropriate for you to level-up. When you pass the test, your progress page will update your level and keep track of your new activities within the new difficulty. If your abilities aren’t quite yet there, the progress test will recommend you to continue studying at that level to make sure you don’t miss important vocabulary and grammar. Available in all levels in all languages, these tests will allow you to progress at the pace that’s right for you.

With all of these new features, you will not only be able to track your progress for yourself, but you will also be able to use it as documentation of your studies and abilities for employers and schools. So get studying with OpenLanguage and check it out now!

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