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Last year was a great year for OpenLanguage, as many of the steps were taken to ensure that we are able to offer an easier and more refined service to our users moving ahead into 2015. As our team is growing, so too is our user base who now have access to over 3120 fully transcribed lessons spanning 12 languages. With over 390 English, 400 Spanish and 230 French lessons we are continuing to see a rise in not only overall satisfaction between our users, but an increase in our user’s personal application to the content; developing their understanding of target language as a whole.

The OpenLanguage App continues to grow in popularity, and has recently reached record levels of individual downloads throughout both iOS and Android platforms. With our application being readily available for free download on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon for example, we’d advise downloading this to any of our users  who have smartphones or tablets as we believe it can make your learning process all the more convenient, and most of all fun!

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The Launch of our ‘Real Deal’ Sites

We have recently launched 3 new sites, aiming to provide free taster content of many of the OpenLanguage lessons you are able to find on our site. Currently we are providing daily updates based on a variety of topics, and are doing so in a variety of ways to keep things exciting. Real Deal English provides insight into American culture by frequently producing videos, as does Real Deal French into French culture. Real Deal Spanish also provides insight into Hispanic culture found in South America and covers many of the topics you’d associate with current affairs found in the Americas.

Real Deal English

Real Deal English have been providing new content on a variety of fun and exciting topics lately. Learn more about many of the words and phrases we’re sure you’ve been hearing over the festive period by checking out our “Happy Holidays!”” and “Happy New Year!” videos. Working Out, LinkedIn, Outlet Shopping and Interior Design are just some of the other topics we’ve recently been covering too. We urge anyone interested in acquiring English to join in the discussion over on our YouTube page and keep up to date with the latest free content brought to you by Real Deal English by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Real Deal Spanish & Real Deal French

At Real Deal Spanish we’ve also been discussing some festive topics, such as what making a new year’s resolution is all about and Christmas plan-making. Sending packages, getting the laundry done and playing musical instruments are just a few more of the the topics we’ve been tackling lately. Click here to check them out. Follow Real Deal Spanish on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop. Be sure to check out Real Deal French too, who have recently been discussing gift wrapping, downloading, skiing and even getting your hair done at the salon, How fabulous! Click here to follow Real Deal French on Twitter.



Partnership with iTalki

As a unique part of our recent promotions, we are continuing our partnership with the good people at italki. We are very excited to be able to provide italki credits for each subscription purchased with selected promotional offers, as we’re confident that it’s another way to make the learning process fresh and as interesting as possible. italki is an educational website, aiming to help language learners connect with a teacher online in a one-on-one style lesson format. As a user you are able to search for a freelance teacher of your choice, schedule a lesson then receive the lesson based on a topic of your choice. Simply use the italki credits received from this promotion and you are good to go. That’s one to look out for in the future.



Social Media

One of our goals for 2015 is to help broaden our online learning community via the various social media platforms at our disposal. We think this will be a great way to link people together, and help promote the availability of our lesson content for even more people to benefit from. With the recent launch of our Real Deal Twitter pages, we are already seeing a rapid increase in overall user interaction, helping our users connect and discuss many of the topics they are currently studying. It’s been very exciting to see the potential scale of this user network unfold and we believe it can add yet another dimension to the language learning process for all involved.

Keeping up to date with us on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter and Youtube is the best way to see what’s new with us, and what cool things we have planned for the future so come and say hi and if you have any questions or comments we’d be more than happy to help!

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See you online!

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