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New OpenLanguage Design

At OpenLanguage we believe the more time you can spend connected to your studies, the more likely you will achieve your learning goals. Increasingly, a large number of our students are using 3 different devices (tablet, phone & computer) during the day to study. According to a 2013 comScore report, device usage varies heavily throughout the day. Smart phones are most popular in the morning, computers during the day and tablets at night.


To help ensure our students have a consistent study experience with web browsers on their tablets, phones & computers, as well as with our iOS and Android apps, we are implementing ‘responsive web design’ on the website and working towards a consistent design interface within the apps.

New Study Menu

The biggest change students will notice is with regards to the revised study menu.


Of note:

  • the Library of courses and lessons has been moved to a more prominent position
  • the previous ‘Courses’ and ‘Self-Study’ sections have been renamed ‘My Courses’ and ‘Saved Lessons’ to improve clarity

Additionally, many of the administration pages have been moved to a revised Account section.


This update is a work-in-progress so please let us know your comments and suggestions.


New Subscription Types

Our existing Standard Subscription gives you full access to all the learning materials for each language on OpenLanguage. You can use this account on your tablet, smart phone or computer and sync your account across all your devices.

To give you more options with your language studies, today we are adding two new subscription types.

The Friends & Family Subscription
As avid language learners ourselves, we understood maintaining motivation is one of the most difficult parts of learning a new language. Unlike others skills, acquiring a language takes months, if not years, to achieve. To help you stay committed we are launching a ‘Friends & Family Subscription’ which gives you a complimentary account to share with a colleague, language teacher or family member. We believe having someone to push you just a little bit will help you be more successful. Simply choose this subscription type and then invite the lucky study partner of your choice!

The Unlimited Subscription
Next, we are adding an ‘Unlimited Subscription’ which will give you access to all the languages currently available on OpenLanguage and all the new ones we add in the future. This is a great option for the true linguaphile, or as we prefer ‘language nerd’. In fact, if you purchase an Annual Unlimited Subscription we will even throw in one of our cool new t-shirts.


Unlimited Subscriptions also include a complimentary account, like the Friends & Family Subscription, so you have no more excuses not to pick up that language you have been putting off!

Click here to check our the details of these new subscription plans.

Finally, we have special offers available for both K12 and university institutions to help them bring the Tablet Textbook into their classrooms. Contact us for more details.

Feedback powers our future development at OpenLanguage, so don’t be shy about what you want use to develop.

Good luck with your studies!

Hank Horkoff, OpenLanguage Co-Founder