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Teacher Tips- How to Use OpenLanguage in Your Classroom

Unfortunately, most language teachers are still teaching in the old, traditional textbook method, spending valuable class time lecturing to students and having them repeat the target language and dialogue.  OpenLanguage gives teachers an arsenal of new tools that  will make teaching easier and more enjoyable.   Here are some of the ways that teachers are incorporating OpenLanguage into their classrooms.


The Flipped Classroom: The flipped classroom is a new approach to teaching and learning where the student studies the material at home and then comes to class to practice with a teacher.  With OpenLanguage, the student is able to listen to native speakers read the target dialogue and vocabulary, and then the student is able to practice using the language with the teacher.  Within the lesson contents are classroom activities for the student to practice with the teacher, as well as exercises for the students to complete.

The Traditional Classroom: While we think the best method of teaching involves flipping the class to allow the student as much speaking practice as possible in class, some teachers may prefer to first try a more traditional approach with OpenLanguage.    Under this method, you may go over the dialogue, vocabulary, and grammar with your student, and assign practice exercises for homework.

Supplementary Material: While there are more than enough lessons within OpenLanguage for complete courses, some teachers have used it as a supplement to fill in the gaps of their current curriculum.  Using OpenLanguage as a supplement allows you to search for topics by keywords or ability level to find lessons relevant to your students.

Class Management: Along with all of the great in-class practice material, there are also built-in class management tools that allow you to assign courses to your students and track their progress. Teachers have the ability to create and assign courses from our large lesson database,  assign and check online practice assignments, monitor student usage, give tests, and receive feedback through surveys.  These tools make it easy for teachers to track student progress, create class lesson plans, and receive feedback about the course.

Feel free to sign up for a complimentary teacher account at www.openlanguage.com/teachers and explore the OpenLanguage platform to learn how to transform your classroom.  Also, check out this video below for more information on using OpenLanguage with your students!