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Teacher Tips- Upgrade Your Old Textbooks!

Let this be the year that you upgrade your old textbooks and turn to the digital Tablet Textbook for your language class. What’s holding you back? Here are some of the best things about making the switch to a digital tablet textbook.

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Using a tablet textbook is just more convenient! In one device, you have access to a myriad of content. For example, our OpenLanguage courses are ALL available in one location. This is the equivalent of buying many different language textbooks across all different levels! And this doesn’t even include all of the other extra tools and features.

Social and Community Interaction

One of the best things about making the move to mobile language learning tools is interacting with a community of users and native speakers. Discuss your language with other learners and native speakers, share content and ideas, and do all of this without leaving your couch! Your old textbook doesn’t come close to offering the social tools necessary for learning a language.

Extra Tools and Resources

Record and playback video and audio, test your speech against a native speaker, flip through digital flashcards, complete exercises and track your data to see where you need to make improvements, and receive feedback from teachers and speakers across the world. These features are just the beginning of what can be done with OpenLanguage and other mobile learning apps. Your old textbook can be a fine resource, but to learn a language in the most efficient way possible, it just makes sense that you use all of the tools available to you.

Student Learning Management

Teachers now have the ability, with tools such as OpenLanguage, to look at the complete study history of a student, make assignements online, give feedback, and track progression. Using your old paper textbook, teachers may see scores of assignments from week to week, but there was no real way to track actual progress and determine weaknesses. Digital tools now allow you to track all aspects of a student’s learning and receive data and charts at the click of a button.

Have you made the switch to a digital tablet textbook, or are you stuck in the past with the old paper copies? Tell us how you made the switch to digital or why you’re still stuck in the past. We want to hear from you!